Meet the Fit Foodie!


Welcome to my labour of love!

I’m Supriti Singh – chef, writer, fitness freak and a mother of 3 babies. Ok i confess, only one of them is human. The other two are my two dogs – both rescues, both adorable. I live in Mumbai, India with my husband and kids.

The Sunburst journey began with my own struggles to find happiness – a failed business which coincided with a small baby threw me into throes of depression. Depression brought its favourite partners, comfort eating and weight gain.

Having worked out for most of my life, I thought the old ‘push yourself hard’ method would work. Unfortunately, a new baby doesn’t allow much time to have a shower, leave alone push oneself to physical awesomeness.

After struggling for a whole year with crippling self esteem and weight issues, I decided to try something else. I opted for holistic wellness.

Clean eating, daily exercise, and meditative practises were my new way of life.

The foodie in me was determined to find new and delicious ways to eat healthy, and my own experience as a trainer helped me to knock off the lazy and get in shape.

The one thing i discovered that i had never explored before, was that losing myself in art and craft helped ground me. It was almost meditative.Pretty late in life i developed a love for crochet and handwork – and they have been instrumental in keeping me calm and on top of things.

In this blog I will share food and fitness tips, active meditation and handwork techniques and general musings – I hope all of you who are struggling will find support, guidance, and a few laughs here! Enjoy!

Love and light

Supriti Singh- Fit Foodie





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